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Pine Creek Lodge Writers Night - #5 of 9 - John Taliaferro

Pine Creek Lodge Writers Nights are back!

The fifth in a series of nice readings is Thursday, February 22nd with John Taliaferro, who will be reading from the biography he wtrote of George Bird Grinnell, having just completed the manuscript two weeks ago. Grinnell is one of the fathers of the American conservation movement —he founded the first Audubon Society and the Boone and Crockett Club — and a distinguished ethnologist of the Blackfeet and Cheyenne Indians. Many Montanans may recognize him for his efforts to protect Yellowstone National Park and to create Glacier National Park. He named many of the landmarks in Glacier (including Grinnell Glacier), explored the Black Hills with Custer, knew Buffalo Bill, and so on.

Scott Boehler will be helping bring Pine Creek Lodge these spectacular writers, with events from October-May!