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Ashly Holland

Ashly Jane Holland is a Montana born and raised gal. Born in Bozeman and there through elementary school, middle school in Missoula, High School in Helena, then back to Bozeman for college… guess you could call her a well traveled Montananan…hah! Music has always been in Ashly’s life from a young age, suzuki piano, violin, then singing in the High School choir. The guitar and Ashly are newly acquainted, as in the last 5years… She picked it up and taught herself as a way to not count on others to back her. Little did she know so much joy would come from learning that instrument. The guitar and Ashly have been inseparable ever since! Country music has always ran through her blood. She has and will always love it! Montana has always felt like home to Ashly. She lived in Washington state for a couple years and always longed to get back home… Ashly says, “I could be the Montana spokeswoman! I love our state!”